Wim Krol

Welcome to 2LCD Projects! My name is Wim Krol and I like to briefly introduce you to what we do and have to offer. Our mission is ‘to lead create deliver’, in short 2LCD and an integral part of our name. How do we bring this about?

We help companies and organizations to create and strengthen relationships with their customers and important stakeholders.

Companies like cable companies are primarily (not exclusively) interested in consumers, engineering companies in businesses. Pension funds focus on participants, employers and pensioners. And for government organizations, like provinces, the group of stakeholders is even more diverse. Each one has – as I discovered – to develop their own made-to-measure approach.

Diversified service offering

We help them in multiple ways. Every now and then, we can immediately start to design and implement programs, which through well-targeted communications, experiences and service design, aim to strengthen existing relationships and win new customers. Sometimes we help to develop a vision on relationship management and to translate it into strategy and multi-annual plans. Regularly we  focus on the supporting platform and adapt CRM-systems as much as possible to the opportunities and challenges of the client. Together with our clients  we like to find ways as well to let the focus on relationship management and structurally endure in the organization.

Deliver enduring change

As was confirmed in years of experience, organizations primarily hire external parties like ourselves to create changes that are relevant and enduring. Our own, simple, framework (find it on the right) is our guide and contains the elements necessary to deliver. I add some personal drives to that of which I like to highlight two.

One personal drive is the focus on human insights which started during my study of social sciences and continued in my work at advertising agencies, looking for the ‘hook’ to use in our campaigns. What is it that bring people in motion? Another personal drive is the focus on tangible results which I learned as well at agencies working for customers in highly competitive environments. Go to my Linkedin-page for more information on my background.

Does this help to understand the lead (strategy and plans), create (programs and platforms) and deliver (results and added value)’ of our mission? Has it created interest in what we do at 2LCD Projects? Great! I’m happy to tell more during a meet-up without any obligations.

Get in touch with me by
e-mail, wkrol(at)2lcd.nl
or telephone, +31 6 27 03 07 03.

Wim Krol | 2LCD Projects
Amsterdam, February 2019