From challenges to changes

The reasons why clients hire us may differ quite a bit. In the end they all want us to create change, enduring change. Changes that can help them to confront the challenges they’re facing. Or solve the problems they are experiencing.

We believe in planned change. Change with expected outcomes need a clear path to get there. A mental framework helps us in the process.

At the heart of the framework is a clearly defined problem or challenge. If we’re lucky it’s included in the client’s brief. But mostly we have to dig deeper and formulate it together with the client. Based on the nature of the challenge and the scope of the assignment we select the most appropriate approach for the project. An internal project has other stages than a project with a dominantly external focus.

Starting from the challenge we gather relevant insights. Depending on the problem we look for them on micro, meso and macro levels. Especially in yet unfamiliar sectors we need to be aware of the politics. What norms and regulations are relevant for our client’s operations and therefore define our playing field.

These all are building blocks that help to select the most effective tactics for the plan. We like to test them beforehand and amend the plan based on the results. But it’s only in the execution of the plan that the expected changes can be brought about. That’s why we prefer to stay involved in execution in a leading role.